The Impactful Journey of the LOCAL-Y-MPACT Project

December 1, 2023

In a world where social challenges grow increasingly complex, the synergy between municipalities and grassroots organizations becomes crucial. As these challenges evolve, cooperation becomes the key element for addressing them effectively. The “LOCAL-Y-MPACT” project, engaging five European municipalities,  explored how to team up with community organizations, leading to big, important changes.

Setting the Foundation: Unveiling Opportunities and Challenges

The project kickstarted with a drive to understand, to map, and to create. It resulted in a wealth of resources that form the bedrock of impactful collaborations:

  • Database of Active Organizations: A hub for diverse local entities, fostering not just local but also international collaborations. (Click the organization location you are interested in: Cyprus; Latvia; Lithuania; Portugal; Sweden.)
  • Showcasing Successful Cooperation: Practical examples across pilot municipalities illuminating successful models and offering actionable insights. (Click the organization location you are interested in: Cyprus; Latvia; Lithuania; Portugal; Sweden)

Towards Tangible Action: 5 Useful Steps To Create Cooperation Between Local Governments And Community Organizations

Spanning across Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, and Cyprus, the insights created a pivotal document, “Tools for Enhancing Cooperation between Local Governments and Community-based Youth Organizations.” It distilled the essence of impactful collaboration into essential steps:

  • Define and articulate a common outcome
  • Establish mutually reinforcing or joint strategies
  • Agree on roles and responsibilities 
  • Establish compatible policies, procedures, and other means to operate across organizational boundaries
  • Develop mechanisms to monitor, evaluate, and report on results.

Toolbox (EN)

(Also available in GR; LV; LT; PT; SE)

Paving the Way Forward: Policy Recommendations for Enhancing Cooperation

Guided by a shared vision of resilient communities, policy recommendations surfaced, designed to empower collaboration between municipalities, youth organizations, and social enterprises:

  1. Streamlining Communication and Procedures: Appointing liaisons to facilitate communication and simplify processes.
  2. Simplifying Grant Procedures: Reducing bureaucracy to foster ease in grant procedures.
  3. Youth and Social Enterprise Participation: Encouraging inclusion and validating contributions.
  4. Implementing Performance Indicators: A pathway to evaluating impactful projects, building trust and impartiality.
  5. Investing in Capacity Building: Nurturing knowledge exchange and fostering entrepreneurial growth.
  6. Supporting Entrepreneurial Ventures: Dedication of budgetary allocations to fund innovative ideas by young entrepreneurs and social enterprises.
  7. Facilitating Ongoing Communication: Ensuring regular idea exchanges and understanding real needs.

Showcasing Collaborative Success:

The report accentuates successful collaborative initiatives where youth groups, community organizations, and social enterprises work hand in hand with local authorities, delivering impactful initiatives and positive outcomes. Detailed examples from each partner country provide a snapshot of effective collaboration.

Policy Recommendations (EN)

(Also available in GR; LV; LT; PT; SE)

These policy recommendations and success stories reflect the transformative potential of partnerships between communities, empowering stakeholders and contributing positively to the communities across Europe.

Empowering Collaboration: Roadmap for Establishment of Collaboration

In response to contemporary social challenges, the focus shifted towards sustainable and collaborative solutions, represented by the “Roadmap for Establishment of Collaboration/Partnership between Municipalities and Youth Organizations/Social Enterprises”:

  • Roadmap Guidebook: Serving as an instructional manual, the roadmap offers a practical guide for organizations, municipalities, and stakeholders interested in fostering partnerships.

Guidebook (EN)

(Also available in GR; LV; LT; PT; SE)

  • Checklist Templates: two types of checklist templates tailored for municipalities and youth organizations/social enterprises, facilitating a structured approach into three key steps for efficient collaboration.

Checklists for Municipalities

(Also available in GR; LV; LT; PT; SE)

Checklists for Organizations

(Also available in GR; LV; LT; PT; SE)

“LOCAL-Y-MPACT” In Conclusion: 

The “LOCAL-Y-MPACT” project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of partnerships. It empowers stakeholders, enriches localities, and paves the way for resilient communities through collaborative endeavors. From understanding challenges to offering actionable tools and recommendations, this project has forged a path toward a future where collaborative action fuels societal growth and well-being.

The above mentioned outputs were created in the context of the project “Enhancing youth capacity in Municipalities and encouraging mutual cooperation using social entrepreneurship as a tool, LOCAL-Y-MPACT” The objective of the project “LOCAL-Y-MPACT” is to strengthen the cooperation between community based youth organisations and social enterprises and local municipalities, and promoting social entrepreneurship as an effective tool for reducing economic inequality, promoting social inclusion and integration, creating resilient society and fostering active participation within local communities.