Roadmap for Establishment of Collaboration

August 9, 2023

Today’s social challenges make us rethink the way we commonly address a problem or a need. Solutions should be sustainable, realistic and, more than ever, a joint effort and a collaboration. This is where this roadmap in specific concentrates its efforts – in simplifying and encouraging partnerships in order to make better use of resources, experience and human resources to achieve a more resilient society through their local communities.

‘’Roadmap for Establishment of Collaboration/Partnership between Municipalities and Youth Organizations/Social Enterprises’’ aims to offer supporting documents and instruments to be used in the daily work and to contribute to successful cooperation. It is an action plan in form of a checklist that any organization, municipality or any other stakeholder interested in the topic can use to easily adapt and implement to their situation and support the establishment of partnerships.  

The roadmap comprises the Guidebook that acts as an instruction manual to its use, and 2 templates in the form of checklists. These shall promote and ease the implementation of partnerships from/with Municipalities as well as from Youth Organizations/Enterprises in order to create a more coherent and regular process of collaboration on the local level.

The checklists for establishment of collaboration/partnerships are divided in 3 main steps that essentially highlight: 

  • Step 1: the preparation and analysis process
  • Step 2: the actual establishment of contact with the other party
  • Step 3: the implementation of the agreed partnership and its follow-up

Every step of the checklist includes checkpoints that guide the process. We recommend, for every checkpoint, the user to be as detailed as possible in order to come up with the most accurate partnership proposal.