Policy recommendations for impact management

May 29, 2022

Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia together with Baltic partners in the framework of BALTIC : YOUTH : IMPACT project have developed Policy Recommendation Guidelines for Social Impact Management of Youth Organisations.

Based on the findings, external research and expert opinion, we have identified the problem: “Youth organisations and social enterprises working with young people do not systematically increase and demonstrate their positive social impact”. And it allowed to formulate policy recommendations aimed at informing policy makers and lobbyists with a mandate to advocate for improvements in social impact and governance in the youth sector.


The guidelines will introduce the importance of social impact management in the daily work of youth organisations, provide practical recommendations to support the implementation of social impact management, present the Baltic States context and examples of good practice, and address in detail the main challenge, its root causes and potential consequences without framing social impact management as a systematic set of actions understood by all stakeholders.