Social Impact Communication

May 25, 2022

We understand the importance for organisations and social enterprises to manage their social impact, which makes it all the more important to communicate the social impact they are achieving to their audiences, staff and volunteers. Within the BALTIC : YOUTH : IMPACT project, the Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia together with Baltic partners have developed the Social Impact Communication Guidelines.

The aim of these guidelines is to create support tools to help staff or volunteers in youth organisations or social enterprises to communicate their social impact to the public in a clear and cost-effective way, thus supporting efforts to achieve better quality and better work of youth organisations and social enterprises.

The guidelines will help you to understand how to organise internal and external communication and how to choose the right communication message, provide examples of different communication tools, tips and advice, and important requirements to pay attention to when designing your communication.


The communication guidelines will inspire you to communicate the social impact of your organisation or project to your internal and external audiences.  If, after reading the guidelines, you still have doubts or feel that your organisation is too small and does not have enough resources to develop your own social impact communication strategy, do not be afraid to start with small steps. Start with simple activities such as preparing and collecting data.

By starting slowly, you can continue to grow and achieve great things – the more you talk about your organisation, the more likely you are to get more support and expand your team in the future.