Seminars and lectures

In our seminars, lectures and presentations, we describe in a simple and understandable way the key issues related to social entrepreneurship, opportunities for social entrepreneurship support, the establishment and operation of social enterprises, as well as various aspects of the development of social enterprises.

The seminars, lectures and presentations are led by the SEAL’s experts – the most knowledgeable and experienced people in Latvia in the field of social entrepreneurship. We cooperate with such experts and lecturers as Vita Brakovska (ZINIS), Agnese Frīdenberga (PROVIDUS, Member of the Commission on the Status of Social Enterprise of the Ministry of Welfare), Madara Makare (HOPP, author of business development projects), Reinis Budriķis (CIVITTA) and others. If necessary, in the content of seminars and lectures, we also include the stories of social entrepreneurs by inviting one of the SEAL’s member organizations and representatives of the companies.

The duration and content of the event depend on the wishes and needs of the client, it is always tailored to the audience and is purposefully structured so that listeners and participants not only gain answers to all their questions but are also able to identify clearly the further steps in the direction of social entrepreneurship.

The prices and costs of seminars, lectures, and presentations depend on the duration, venue, and theme of the event. Write to us and we will tell you more!


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