Creative workshops of social enterprises

The creative workshops organized by social enterprises are 2-3 hour long practical workshops, in which participants have the opportunity to obtain and try out new skills, gain new insights, and learn more about the work and goals of the particular social enterprise. The creative workshops bring together entertainment and new learning experience, and as a result, participants have spent their time well, rested, learnt something new, and gained inspiration to help others.

The creative workshops and masterclasses are tailor-made for audiences of all ages and will be both a good addition to a larger event program or an individual event, as well as a corporate event for bringing together the employees of your organization or business. 

Currently, the following creative workshops and masterclasses are offered:

The BlindArt master class – in a positive atmosphere, the participants develop their imagination and promote teamwork through tactile painting using just the touch and hearing, complemented by educational stories about the world of blind people and their perception. Within the framework of each event, special works of art are created that remain in the ownership of the participants.

The OWA creative workshops – in some of them, the participants will get acquainted with different types of painting and printing materials, and each will create a T-shirt in one or more techniques. In the others, it is possible to master the painting skills under the guidance of an experienced artist, afterwards transferring the painted image onto a T-shirt or a cup in a sublimation technique. 

The Palīdzē creative workshop – a master class in various handicrafts and creative work together with children and young people, during which the items created can be either kept for oneself or donated to Palīdzē for further use in the charity store and markets.

The prices and costs of creative workshops depend on the duration of the event, the venue and the theme. Write to us and we will tell you more! 


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