The continuation of Baltic Sea Impact Network

December 21, 2023

The Baltic Sea Impact Network – a transnational peer-learning network among social entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region – is entering its next phase. The network is expanding, as the membership increases from 32 to 50 social entrepreneurs, welcoming new members also from Denmark and Ukraine.

Over the course of 20 months, the members will be guided through a programme of monthly online sessions, alternating between peer learning and expert workshops. In October 2024, all network members will be invited to meet in person in Tallinn, Estonia to deepen their connections and find new collaboration opportunities.

The network allows you to meet people with the same goals. In the field of social entrepreneurship, you can sometimes feel a bit lonely but, in the network, you can find like minded people, who have the same issues.

– Anett Kislov, ResQ Club, member of the Baltic Sea Impact Network Pilot

The Baltic Sea Impact Network is implemented in partnership between Reach for Change Sweden, Reach for Change Latvia, Social Enterprise Estonia, Social Entrepreneurship Association Latvia and the Lithuanian Social Business Association, supported by the Swedish Institute as part of the Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme. Each participating organization brings years of experience in supporting social entrepreneurs and has proven its ability to mobilize entrepreneurs and stakeholders at a national level in their respective countries.

The Baltic Sea Impact Network has brought together social entrepreneurs from around the region and has been a platform for building connections with the aim of sharing experience and developing new partnerships. We see the expansion of the Network as a way to strengthen the resilience of the Baltic Sea region by supporting a larger number of social entrepreneurs on their way of creating and scaling positive impact in their respective countries and beyond.

Kristīne Vērpēja, Country Manager for the Baltic region at Reach for Change

The aim is to help the network members learn new skills, connect with like-minded peers from neighboring countries and increase the access of social entrepreneurs to relevant stakeholders.

The project was piloted in 2022, and feedback from the members of the Pilot project has been crucial in adjusting the network model and identifying the priorities for the new phase. The long-term ambition is to formalize the concept of the Network, to invite more funding partners on-board to be able to replicate and expand it across additional markets in the Nordic region and wider Europe.

Learn more about the Baltic Sea Impact Network here.