Get gifts from social entrepreneurs!

December 13, 2023

This is the right place to look for meaningful gifts – we have gathered the offers for Christmas gifts from our members – from corporate gifts to different experiences, these will be the best gifts for your loved ones! Do good by choosing responsible gifts!

Find the one that is right for you – the offers are divided into thematic sections: ‘Festive mood’, ‘Your events’, ‘Corporate gifts’, ‘Gifts for loved ones’, ‘Health care’, ‘Experience as a gift’, ‘Hobby gift’, ‘Learning and support’, ‘Quality time together’, ‘Environmentally responsible’, as well as the opportunity to do ‘Good deeds’ instead of buying a gift!

Our gift catalogue has a variety of presents from home decor, tableware collections, corporate gifts, event space rental and special offers just for Christmas!


CHARITY SHOPS “TUVU” – the best place to find celebration decors

Charity shops “TUVU” – the place for great discoveries! Before the festive season, charity shops’ customers have the opportunity to buy not only clothes, shoes, tableware and household goods, but also gifts for their loved ones and to prepare for the celebrations by buying some special decor to create a festive atmosphere. With such purchases you will create a celebration for another family or person as all profits from the shops go to various charity projects. During Christmas time charity shops are surprising families in need with gifts. As well as continue to work with parents and young people in need, renovating homes in crisis situations, organising camps and events for young people, helping lonely people.

❄️ More info:
Address of the shops: Pasta iela 51, Jelgava; Aleksandra Čaka iela 71, Rīga

CHARITY SHOPS “OTRĀ ELPA” – everything for celebrations

Christmas is a time of miracles and the charity shops “Otrā elpa” are the right place to look for and find all kinds of Christmas miracles, both to decorate the tree with and to put under the tree. You can also find more festive and casual clothes and shoes, tableware, books, toys and many other everyday essentials. The shops stand for sustainable living and sustainable gifts.
Starting in 2019, profits from the charity shop “Otrā elpa” chain is donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Children’s Clinical University Hospital Organ Donor Programme to build emergency savings, thus providing important support to families with children in need of organ transplants outside Latvia. With every purchase and donation “Otrā elpa” customers give children a chance to live!

❄️ More info:

Address of the shops: Marijas iela 8, Rīga; Bruņinieku iela 72A, Rīga; Stabu iela 35, Rīga; Brīvības gatve 226, Rīga; Graudu iela 31, Liepāja

CHARITY SHOPS “HOPEN” – unique products you won’t find anywhere else!

The charity shop “HOPEN” is a great place to find Christmas gifts you won’t find anywhere else! Here you will find candle holders, tableware, vases, design items, goods for children. You can find furniture, paintings, lamps, textiles and household goods for home interiors. There is a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Profits are donated to charity. Shop and donate!

❄️ More info:

Address of the shops: Skolas iela 18, Ogre; Viestura iela 7A, Jēkabpils; Mazā Nometņu iela 32, Rīga; Kurzemes prospekts 132a, Rīga

“GLASS POINT” – exquisite decorations for your Christmas tree!

Social enterprise “GLASS POINT” offers glass snowflakes for the festive Christmas tree. The glass snowflakes were designed by artist Anna Varnese, who has managed to catch the moment and fuse the fragile, light and just like snow – icy clear snowflake in glass! The snowflake set contains 10 snowflakes made from recycled glass, namely glass frit. This is powdered glass from broken glass sheets that are no longer usable as a material for creating products, yet are the perfect artistic solution for creating glass snowflakes!

❄️ Pre-order by email: 📧
Address of the studio: Pērnavas iela 33, Rīga

ĀGENSKALNA MARKET – what is a Christmas miracle?

What is a Christmas miracle? Search and find every day* from 27 November to 31 December at Āgenskalns Market! The market has always been a place to meet – with traders, grandparents, neighbours or just passers-by. That is why during the time the market is bursting with fragrant, unexpected, delicious and surprising wonders in all their forms, we invite you to seek them out together and realise that the most precious wonders lie nowhere else than in the time we give to each other. Invite seniors, parents, children or long-lost friends for a date and experience the wonders of Christmas – carol singing, a leisurely dinner, a hunt for the most special gifts…

*Fridays-Sundays themed markets both inside and in the courtyard; throughout the week, in addition to regular traders, special festive pop-up traders and a cultural programme.

❄️More info:
Address: Nometņu iela 64, Rīga

KALNCIEMA QUARTER – Ceramics pop-up

Latvia produces a wide variety of special ceramics, which can best be seen, appreciated and purchased at the annual event dedicated to ceramics. From 9 to 30 December, Kalnciema Quarter Gallery will host the fourth Latvian contemporary ceramics pop-up fair, bringing together 19 ceramic artists and brands, such as Laima Ceramics, Sidrabceramics, CIPARNICA Talsi ceramics, Oltes ceramics, etc.

 Combine enjoying the festivities and searching for gifts with a visit to the exhibition!

❄️More info:
Address: Kalnciema iela 35, Rīga


BRANKU BRANČOTAVA – a welcoming place for your events!

Celebrations for your team!

Only 39 kilometres from Riga, “Branku Brančotava” is waiting for you in Brankas, Ozolnieki municipality. This is your place to celebrate and work, offering 180 m2 of space divided into two parts. For various events there is a hall that can accommodate up to 150 people. A cherry on top is the glass walls, which give the rooms a light and cosy atmosphere during the day and a romantic feeling in the evenings. “Branku Brančotava” will take care of EVERYTHING, all you have to do is to turn up! All profits go to the charity projects organised by NGO “Tuvu”, which you can find out more about HERE.

❄️More info:
📞 +371 27722552


SVAIGI.LV – gift baskets from local farms

When you receive a gift, a special story is given to you. It combines the best of Latvian farmers’ products and craftsmen’s work. Behind every product there is a real owner! This year, the gift story also has a special place for dreams. The gift sets can be prepared according to each company’s needs, changing or adding whatever is needed, wrapping them in a gift box, filling them with decorative elements and binding them with ribbon matching the company’s colours. The team will deliver to the office or to each recipient individually.

❄️ More info:
📞 +371 24335225

ORNANDUM – tableware print and sustainable promotional items

“Ornandum” invites companies to promote their brand, attract new customers and strengthen employee loyalty with sustainable promotional items and printed tableware that have the added value of quality printing with a design created especially for you.

❄️More info:
📞+371 28641536

VISI VAR – handicrafts made by socially vulnerable groups

The charity shop “Visi Var” is a social enterprise founded by the NGO “Cerību spārni” to promote employment for people with disabilities, their relatives and socially vulnerable groups. Every single thing that is created is made with great care, with genuine love and gratitude for the opportunity to work and spend time in a meaningful way. So when you buy the products, you are truly supporting an extraordinary person’s dream of an independent life.

In the shop you will find beautiful and useful things for everyday life and for celebrations for yourself or your loved ones – beautiful and high quality clothing for adults and children, as well as a variety of textiles for the home; unique shapes and designs of dishes from ceramics workshops; candles poured with love; various high quality and useful woodworks, as well as the warmest woollen socks and more, and more!

❄️Online shop:

Address of the shop: Institūta iela 5a, Sigulda


IMANTA ZIEDOŅA FONDS VIEGLI – books, music and souvenirs

Imants Ziedonis Foundation’s “Viegli” e-shop is a convenient, fast and handy place to buy books, music recordings and souvenirs published by the Foundation. As the “Viegli” Foundation is a cultural NGO, by purchasing anything from the Foundation’s e-shop, everyone supports the activities and projects of the Ziedonis Museum and Library, “Ziedonis Class” and “Potato Field Radio”.

❄️Online shop:

SIA TIPTIP.LV – gifts made by seniors and people with special needs

You will find more than 1400 crafts created by Latvian seniors and people with disabilities – knitted, crocheted, leather and wicker products, candles, jewellery, decorations, blankets, paintings, embroidery, Lielvārde belts, dishes, veneer boxes and much more – more than 70 works by different authors. Individual purchases as well as corporate orders are welcome!

❄️Online shop: 

SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES – send a card and support

Handwritten greetings are special. This year, they will be appreciated even more than before by family, friends and business partners. You can still buy, write and send a lovely greeting! Take a look at the beautiful Christmas cards created by children from SOS Children’s Villages and artists.

❄️Online shop:

DESIGN ELEVATOR – colouring posters

A unique gift that combines creativity, sustainability and social impact.

It is a family-run company from Cēsis, publishing large-size colouring posters who care about the future and the future of your children, as well as about an inclusive society, so products that make a difference in the long term are produced.

🌱 Sustainability: the posters are 100% biodegradable, supporting environmental sustainability.

 🤝 Social impact: 10% of our income goes to civic initiative projects in Ukraine, supporting and making a difference in areas where it is needed most.

 ♿ Inclusion: The part of the production process (packaging) is outsourced to people with mental disabilities at the Pērle Day Centre in Cēsis.

 🎨 Created by artists: The posters are illustrated by both Latvian and Ukrainian artists and have the value of a work of art in their own right.

Posters are made in Latvia

❄️Online shop:

Use discount code: ZIEMA and get a 20% discount on packaged colouring posters until 31.12.2023. Discount code is combined with discount code for free shipping in the Baltics: BALTICWAY, valid for purchases over 12.00 EUR.

SIA TYPICAL LATVIAN – everything for letter writing

Do you write your loved ones real letters?

Although handwritten letters are the miracle of our time, there is nothing more beautiful than the handwriting of a dear friend on paper, and the memories of the feelings they share. That is why, even though this communication is dying out, Typical Latvian offers letter paper for those who still meet through letters.

The set contains 10 sheets with a blue gloss, reminiscent of snow in winter. The pages are printed on one side. 5 envelopes. The letterheads can be used as festive notes to accompany gifts.

Continuing the tradition of supporting artists with disabilities, this year a special Christmas cards and stationery for those who love to write real greetings have been created.

❄️Online shop:

ES VARU – book for the whole family “YOU CAN!”

Support your child on the path to their dreams by giving them a book that will encourage them to discover and explore their talents and help them move towards their goals.

“TU VARI” is:

  • 154 colourful and engaging pages with content that changes daily
  • suitable for readers of different ages – older children and teenagers can do the tasks themselves, kindergarteners can be helped by their parents, teachers and other professionals can use it in social studies and classroom lessons, as well as in non-formal education
  • includes a variety of activities to help children explore their interests, abilities, skills, dreams, etc., as well as creative leisure activities
  • support for building children’s self-esteem – methods that promote a healthy attitude towards mistakes and encourage them to overcome difficulties

The author of the book is Andra Strautiņa – an entrepreneur, business start-up mentor and lecturer who works with different audiences on a daily basis, helping them to implement business ideas, make career choices and learn useful skills for life. Her approach is based on the practice of self-compassion, which helps to overcome the voice of the inner critic and promotes a positive attitude towards oneself.

❄️Online shop:

ENGINEERING FOR CHILDREN – books for children

The author, Kristīne Jacino, is a PhD in food engineering with many years of experience in the food industry. She is the creator of the “Professor Jacino” brand, founded the social enterprise “Engineering for children” and creates and develops diverse, interactive and entertaining educational projects for children.

“Professor Jacino” books will be a great gift for children:

🎄”Where does the milk come from?”step-by-step of the milk’s journey from the goat to our kitchen,

🎄 “Where does rye bread come from?”How rye bread gets from the cornfield to the kitchen,

🎄”Where do sausages come from?” tells how sausages get to the kitchen.

❄️Online shop:

4 VĒJI – individually made soap

The social enterprise’s  “4 Vēji” soap is created to support the employment of people with disabilities. The soap comes in different shapes and colours and all use natural additives. It is handmade and a lot of love and craftsmanship is put into each piece. Due to the nature of handmade soap, the weight of the soap is approximate, as soap shapes are available in different variations.

❄️ Buy the soap by contacting “4 Vēji” on Facebook:
More info:
📞+371 29345720

DEVIŅI PĒRKONI – Latvian design

“DEVIŅI PĒRKONI” offers contemporary clothing and accessories – the work of Latvian artisans. By shopping here, you will support the creators of these designs and Latvia’s small producers. “DEVIŅI PĒRKONI” helps designers to find their buyers and helps the buyers to find the great products of the artisans!

❄️Online shop:
📞+371 28810509


PRINTART – posture correcting T-shirt

Take care of yourself and your loved ones with a Correcty posture correcting t-shirt that will give you confidence and help you fight bad posture! The Correcty T-shirt features a special corrective circuit which, when the shoulders are hunched forward, contracts back like a spring more strongly than in other places and reminds you to keep your shoulders straight. Correcty is a passive back exercise, because only the muscles in the stretching form the correct posture! Correcty will help to train your back muscle memory, prevent pain, tightness and incorrect spinal postures, and help you to breathe easier.

❄️More info and online shop:

DZĪVĪBAS POGA – care for seniors

“Dzīvības poga” is a remote alert system that keeps you connected to your loved ones in unexpected situations that may require medical attention. The button ensures that qualified personnel are on hand in case of an emergency, for example when a loved one is injured or cannot call for help at all times. Available as a bracelet or pendant, the “Dzīvības poga” is always close by, unlike a telephone.

❄️Online shop:
📞+371 20666444


Welness as a gift – give from the heart! Give your loved ones the gift of good feelings and pleasant emotions – a relaxing experience, inner peace and rest.
– Music therapy
– Vibroacoustic therapy
– Warm grain therapy
– Visual plastic arts therapy
– Sand play therapy etc
… or perhaps an individual consultation with a psychologist or other specialist?
Choose any treatment/service from the therapy centre’s range for children or adults, in a group or individually.

❄️More info:
📞+371 20025145, +371 26489329

LIBERATED – insulated raincoats

For many, winter is one of their favourite times of the year, but for people with reduced mobility, it’s full of challenges – uncleared and impassable pavements, muddy wheelchair wheels, wet snow… NGO “Gaismas Laiva” develops raincoats that are practical, waterproof and suitable for all-season winter including. The sleeveless raincoat is comfortable to wear, doesn’t get caught in ruts and has reflective design elements to protect you in twilight weather, making you more visible on the road.

Be safe and protected from moisture to roll forward with purpose! 🎯

🤝 Support us by donating a raincoat to someone who needs it most! If you are a company, organisation or association, contact us and buy our products for your disabled people to make everyday life easier and safer outdoors in a wheelchair!

❄️ Order by email:
More info: |

LAIMES BĻODA – classes in warm grains

Developmental activities in warm grains aimed at reducing stress in children and young people. It is a shared educational service for the family. The results of parent questionnaires, a scientific study conducted at Daugavpils University and the company’s experience show that after the classes, speech skills improve, sleep and its quality improve, muscle tension and anxiety are reduced, the ability to adapt, cooperate, understand and regulate emotions improves. “Laimes bļoda” offers: Mobile service at the client’s location; Happiness Bowl for rent or purchase; Specialist training; Counselling for parents; Conversations with parents; Gift vouchers for classes in Warm Grains for Christmas presents.

❄️More info:
📞 +371 28374952


GLŪDAS MĀJ-SKOLA – creative workshops for children

Christmas workshops for children and groups are now a tradition!
Children from 5-13 years old are invited to join a workshop where they can conjure up presents for their loved ones while enjoying gingerbread cookies, cocoa and hearty work in the Christmas spirit. “Glūdas māj-skola” also offers a day out or a specific activity of your choice. The handmade gifts have a high added value and a sweetness of heart! Sign up by writing on Facebook or calling – 28382308.

❄️Facebook: Glūdas māj-skola
📞 +371 28382308


How should we spend the time of waiting the festive season to find peace within ourselves?
The Centre for Human Growth “Tornakalns” invites you to the gong meditation classes! The gong is a sacred meditative instrument, thousands of years old, that has been used for centuries to heal the mind and body. Immersion in the healing vibrations of the gong helps to achieve deep relaxation, releases control of our mind and perceptions and allows us to become free from blockages on a physical, emotional and psychic level.

If gong meditation is not your thing, but you would like a more growth-enhancing experience, the Centre for Human Growth “Torņakalns” now also offers gift vouchers! The Centre hosts workshops and classes aimed at helping everyone to know themselves better, gain peace and confidence, grow and realise their potential.

 Gift vouchers can be obtained by calling 25636303 or emailing

❄️More info:
Fill in the form HERE

DABAS ZIRGI – a walk with a horse

Where else better to enjoy adventure now than outdoors and in the fresh air! Social enterprise “Dabas zirgi” offers you a nice walk in the forest with one of the friendly horses! You will be able to choose which horse to walk with, cuddle it and feed it with carrots! Remember that the walk is done with the horse by your side!

❄️More info:

NEREDZAMĀ PASAULE – interactive tours in the dark

Can you remember the last time you wondered about something? When, after visiting a new place, you remembered it and recommended it to your friends because the experience was amazing? You are invited to visit a very unusual interactive space – The Invisible World – “Neredzamā pasaule”- where you cannot see the exhibition, but only feel it. A guide, for whom the lack of light is part of everyday life, will help you through all the interactive rooms and navigate in the dark. In addition to 90-minute individual tours, there are also networking events and 3-hour corporate training sessions for teams. “Neredzamā pasaule” – give this adventure to your friends or colleagues!

❄️More info:

OPERETTA THEATRE – performances and concerts

Make yourself and your loved ones happy! An operetta performance or concert is a great gift, a wonderful shared experience for the holidays! Joy will fill your soul, make you feel refreshed and lift your spirits!

✨ “Rosehip. An urban romance in two parts” – Latvia’s first multimedia jukebox musical with Raimonds Pauls’ most beautiful melodies of all time. Dināra Rudāne, Dainis Skutelis, Jolanta Strikaite, Anastasija Dolgonenko, Kārlis Rūtentāls, musical actors-singers, dancers, instrumental ensemble in a colourful, dynamic story of love and forgiveness. 

Premiere on Wednesday, 20 December at 19.00 at VEF Culture Palace.

✨ Operetta Theatre’s New Year’s Eve concert “La Belle Epoque”. Opera diva Sonora Vaice, Anta Jankovska from Italy, Patrīcija Kozlovska, Guntars Runģis, Nauris Indzeris, dancers, the symphony orchestra of the Operetta Theatre conducted by Atvars Lakstīgalas! Festive joy, wonderful, joyful and colourful Christmas music, operetta and opera music, the always beautiful Neapolitan carols and Spanish zarzuelas on 25 and 28 December at the VEF Culture Palace. Tickets at the “Biļešu paradīze” box office and online!

Operetta Theatre is a non-governmental professional musical theatre with a diverse repertoire of musical theatre: operettas, operas, musicals for adults and children, jazz, educational virtual reality programmes for children and the annual International Operetta Festival in Ikšķile.

❄️More info: or
Tickets in «Biļešu paradīzes» ticket office and online

BRANKU BRANČOTAVA – Latvian voices

LATVIAN VOICES in Christmas concert programme ‘SNIEGums’.

The Christmas programme “SNIEGums” by the a cappella group Latvian Voices is both a wintry play on words and the singers’ sincere intention to give the most beautiful musical performance to their listeners. In this programme, the human voice and the acoustics of a room without amplification devices meet – in the darkest concerts of the year, electricity is replaced by candles, and the light really shines through, as the heightened sense of hearing makes the music even more special. Latvian Voices’ six-part chord combinations will reveal both meditative Advent hymns and ritualistic winter solstice songs. There will also be new originals by the band members and, of course, the most heartfelt Christmas melodies, while it will most likely be snowing outside.

Our bartenders will be on hand to serve delicious drinks, while chef Andris Liberts from Branku Brančotava will take care of the hungry. The event will take place INSIDE Branku Brančotava – this time we will let ourselves be carried away by the lively atmosphere and the free interpretation of the space. There will be armchair seating, sofas, armchairs, poufs and standing tables. The bar will be open throughout the concert.

❄️More info:
📞 +371 27722552


SCIENCE SCHOOL “LABORATORIUM” – online chemistry, physics and electronics lessons

“Laboratorium” Science School offers systematic classes in chemistry, physics and electronics for children and teenagers: – for chemistry and physics for 2nd-9th graders, – for electronics for 6th-12th graders, – for chemistry for 10th-12th graders.
During the lesson, the teacher explains the theoretical part using a presentation and shows and performs experiments with the children. During the lesson, students can also see other members of the online group, share what they have already done and communicate with each other. It is a real lesson with a two-way connection as well as a sense of satisfaction for the work done!

❄️More info:
📞 +371 28804919

Rockschool BJMK – your wings of growth in music

🎵Start a new year with a new hobby!

“BJMK” gives children and young people the opportunity to fill their free time with quality time by learning a musical instrument, and to create an interest and appreciation for music in young people.
Two ways to learn music and instruments at “BJMK”:
1) By attending individual lessons or small group lessons in an interest education format – this offer is available for all ages;
2) By enrolling in the BJMK Rock School and studying a vocational orientation programme alongside general education.

❄️More info:

DANCE SCHOOL “BENEFICE” – dance classes for everyone

“Benefice” Vocational School of Dance has created its own place for YOU to join after school, on weekends, when you want to dance, move…..come to “Benefice”, it IS a place for YOU! There is a place for your professional development in 3 beautiful halls with mirrors, ballet bars, and acrobatic equipment. There’s a special dressing room for you and a place to celebrate, study or relax.

❄️More info:

ZVAIGZNĀJA KOMANDA – music lessons for children

Give your child the chance to learn music!
The social enterprise “Star Constellation Team” offers group and individual lessons – vocal lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons and learning music production using Ableton, DJ school and songwriting!

❄️More info:


BARBOLETA – a balance platform for learning through movement

A great and useful Christmas present!

Barboleta – the smart balance board for children

  • improves language development
  • helps in the learning process
  • improves communication skills
  • train memory and attention,
  • improves motor coordination,
  • improve balance

500+ different games for learning and cognitive development.

Memory and attention training for children aged 3-10.

Come and try Barboleta. We look forward to seeing you every day on the 3rd floor of the Stockmann shopping centre!

❄️Online shop:

SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE “KOPĀ” – services in an inclusive environment

The Support and Development Centre “KOPĀ” provides care for children with autism and other functional disabilities. ABA therapists, audiologist, speech therapist, special educator, Barboleta Method specialist, clinical psychologist are all under one roof!

❄️More info: Facebook
📞 +371 28384829

INTELLECT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE – classes to improve cognitive abilities

The Intelligence Development Centre offers scientifically proven solutions to improve cognitive abilities in both children and adults using the biofeedback method.

Depending on the age of the child or young person, we carry out cognitive ability tests and discussions with parents before the sessions in order to design a personalised training programme and promote the development of skills and abilities through a variety of tasks. During the sessions, about 15 different skills are promoted and new skills are developed. These are basic skills that will help your child to learn better or to acquire any type of new knowledge.


  • Large and fine motor exercises;
  • Bilateral exercises;
  • Attention and concentration exercises;
  • Numeracy or literacy exercises;
  • Auditory and visual attention training through games.

❄️More info:


“UPESLĪČI ATPŪTAI” – all inclusive offer

Looking for a great place for a family holiday?

Upeslīči offers an all-inclusive stay in a guest house, using the entire guest house and its spacious grounds as the only guest accommodation.

The offer includes:

  • Marinated meat and vegetables, which you can cook yourself on the grill or a ready-made dinner,
  • heated sauna for you and you can use offered scrub,
  • log fire, right essential oil for you to use in your ritual, and if you want to treat your body, rose petals can be added to the oil,
  • quad bike rides, if the weather is good and the track is passable,
  • a special breakfast for you to enjoy on the veranda,
  • alpacas, rabbits and sheep, you will not only be able to feed them, but to walk with the alpacas,
  • there will also be a small snack table available throughout your stay, a wide selection of teas and a coffee machine with specially roasted coffee.

❄️More info:
📞 +371 28117861

SONIDO – conversation as a gift !

Give the gift of time! One way to greet partners and friends in a meaningful way is to donate to the “Parunāsim” project, giving the gift of conversation to someone who feels lonely. Callers are listened to by Sonido staff with disabilities, sparking open conversations that help, heal and dispel loneliness.

Give the gift of a companion! If you know someone who longs for a conversation every day, but for some reason doesn’t want to call “Parunāsim” line – we can call them ourselves. All you have to do is choose the time and topic that will make them feel most comfortable.

❄️ You can donate through Mobilly
Order gift vouchers by emailing: 📧

CENTRS SEVII – time with Emotional Intelligence Game Books

We invite you to give the most precious gift you have – TIME TOGETHER. For your child, yourself, family and friends, 45 games as methods collected in one great book “esi/ SPĒLES maziem un lieliem”. May the dark evenings become full of laughter, emotions, good thoughts and deeds. Let the family be united, develop mindfulness, empathy, communication and determination. The book gently and freely develops emotional and social intelligence – self-awareness, compassion, the ability to listen to others, resolve conflicts and work as a team.

🔔 esi/ SELF-CONTROL – getting to know and managing myself
🔔 esi/ emotion games – what to do with difficult emotions?
🔔 esi/ emotionally and socially intelligent

❄️Online shop:


GLASS POINT – bottle cutting set

A great opportunity to surprise your friends and family with design solutions created by recycling glass bottles! The Glass Bottle Cutting Kit is ready to go. Glass Point Studio has all the technical equipment you need, as well as video tips, to make your glass vases, glasses, candle holders or lamps. The creative process will result in handmade Christmas gifts, interior solutions and surprises for friends.

❄️More info: 📧

0 DESIGN – recycled paper and interior

0 Design believes that sustainable design is a story of simplicity and long-term comfort. However, you still have the freedom to choose excellent taste. You still have the freedom to choose for yourself. Buy design items made with care for the environment using recycled paper – send letters on tasteful recycled paper or brighten up your interior with lampshades!

❄️Online shop:

SWIMBE – swimwear made from recycled fabric

SWIMBE repairs and sews all kinds of textile products using unique fabrics created in Italy from old fishing nets, carpets, PET bottles and other plastic waste. SWIMBE offers everyone the opportunity to order the swimsuit of their dreams – in any colour, design, pattern and size! A swimsuit that is made for your body, your taste and your feelings – unique and unrepeatable! We believe that every person is unique and strives to fill their life with special events, experiences, colours and moods. Diversity is the world’s special asset.

📞 +371 28808440


MENTOR LATVIA – give the chance to be there!

Implement your Christmas charity project! Businesses and individuals are invited to support vulnerable young people at Christmas.
By supporting the programme, you will give a young person the opportunity to receive one-to-one mentoring support throughout the year. This support is truly meaningful for every young person in the mentoring programme and has long-term benefits.
You can support the mentoring programme by donating on the #MentorLatvia platform on the #MentorLatvia website.

❄️More info:

HOSPISS LV – support for terminally ill patients

No one wants to plan a serious, incurable illness. It happens suddenly and we rely on the system, on palliative care. The reality is that you end up at home without proper care, hoping for help from your family, if you have any.
There is a certain notion that we would all like to die at home. In our own bed.
But, really? In your own bed, without being able to lift your head, to see through the window?
A special care bed with removable sides, on castors, with a remote control and a special pressure relief pad mattress is a REAL aid in the care of such patients, which unfortunately is not available to everyone.
The donations for such beds and mattresses are collected so that people at the end of life can get them free of charge, without losing the freedoms that remain at the end of life!
Do your part by standing up for the dream of living freely in Latvia!

More info: Facebook

CAT CARE COMMUNITY – help cats find homes!

The NGO helps homeless cats to find permanent homes. It provides temporary homes or clinic treatment and is actively looking for new owners. You can help by calling the donation line or buying animal-themed clothing, with all profits going to the social cause:

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CHARITY FOUNDATION “SOFI” – help make charity projects happen!

The Charitable Foundation “Sofi”was established in 2020 and contributes to improving the well-being of wider society. The Foundation supports animal shelters and promotes animal welfare, implements projects to improve children’s health and education, supports socially disadvantaged groups and contributes to environmental clean-up, improving conditions for both people and animals.

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