Photo exhibition “Social Entrepreneurship in Latvia”

May 28, 2024

A colourful photo exhibition invites you to get to know 10 Latvian social enterprises and their creators, who work in different fields, helping to solve everyday problems in society.

The photo exhibition “Social Entrepreneurship in Latvia” provides an opportunity to look into the stories of entrepreneurs who have decided to invest their everyday work and profits for the benefit of society, improving the everyday lives of their peers. From group apartments and innovative learning methods to bread therapy and discovering the invisible world, social enterprises across Latvia are working on a wide range of issues.

The exhibition has been organised by the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association together with Luminor bank and the Development Finance Institution ALTUM. It will be on display until 13 June at the shopping centre “AKROPOLE Alfa” on the 2nd floor, and in the summer the exhibition will also be presented in the regions.

“The ten stories show the diversity in fields of activity, regions and the changes brought about by social enterprises across Latvia. It was not easy to choose the heroes of the stories, as there are so many to highlight. Each year we will be able to add to this exhibition to continue telling the story of how to create positive change in a long term. These are stories of inspiration on how not to miss out and make your daily work meaningful by solving problems that matter to society,”

explains Regita Zeiļa, Director of the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association.

“Social entrepreneurship is not only about having the courage to turn your heart’s work into a product or service with added value, but also about focusing on issues that are important and relevant to society. While the exhibition sheds light on a small part of the story of social entrepreneurs, it is a unique insight into the daily lives of those who invest their time and expertise to make everyday life better and better for many. This exhibition could be an inspiration for an entrepreneur or an idea that hasn’t been fully thought out yet,” says Kerli Vares, Head of Luminor bank Latvia.

Reinis Bērziņš, ALTUM Chairman of the Board: “ALTUM has been working with social enterprises for more than five years, and so far we have supported more than 200 social enterprises in the joint programme of the Ministry of Welfare and ALTUM, allocating EUR 12 million in grants. This support has helped to develop social enterprises across Latvia. ALTUM will soon launch a new Social Entrepreneurship Programme, which will be open to both new social enterprises and those that have benefited from support in the past. We are also delighted to support this exhibition, which is a vivid and heartfelt insight into the vital work that social enterprises do for society as a whole.”

“We believe that diversity and equal opportunities are the foundations of an open, forward-looking and prosperous society. Working with the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association is a way for us to not only support social enterprises by bringing their stories to a wider audience, but also to inspire our visitors and provide an enjoyable and educational shopping environment. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone who goes to AKROPOLE Alfa for shopping to take a moment and visit the exhibition,” says Sanita Krīgere, Manager of AKROPOLE Alfa Shopping and Entertainment Centre.

The exhibition can also be viewed in digital version on the website of the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association