Best Practices in European Social Entrepreneurship Advocacy

January 5, 2024

In an era where societal challenges demand innovative and sustainable solutions, social entrepreneurship takes center stage. Lithuanian Social Business Association in collaboration with Parliamentary Forum for Democracy and Social Economy Ukraine have created the report “Advancing Social Impact: Best Practices in European Social Entrepreneurship Advocacy”.

This research unravels the dynamic landscape of social entrepreneurship advocacy across European countries, seeking best practices that fuel the transformative movement. Motivated by the potent role of social entrepreneurship in times of crises, the study delves into strategies, initiatives, and challenges faced by national umbrella organisations and international networks dedicated to promoting social economy and entrepreneurship. Using the methodology such as desk research with in-depth interviews, the comprehensive approach analysis of open resources, website data, publications, and interviews with representatives from key organisations.

The research not only identifies and analyses best practices but also formulates practical recommendations for effective advocacy strategies. Spanning national and international levels, the study connects localized efforts with broader, collaborative initiatives, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on social entrepreneurship. This report serves as a comprehensive catalog for those passionate about promoting social entrepreneurship and advocating for its role in fostering a more sustainable future.