Gamified Social Entrepreneurship Educational Approach

April 8, 2024

In today’s fast-paced and entertaining digital world, it is crucial to reevaluate traditional education methods and make learning more accessible and understandable in both formal and non-formal education. There is a need for innovative approaches to make learning more engaging, effective, and enjoyable, as traditional classroom methods may not always resonate with students and do not offer engaging experience. The changes in the society, especially after recent challenges the world is facing such as Covid-19 pandemic and the wars in Ukraine and Gaza have directly affected the work. Moreover, everyone should have an opportunity to explore their ideas of how society and communities can help one another, irrespective of the obstacles they may face. Entrepreneurship skills are valuable not only for aspiring entrepreneurs, but for anyone seeking to navigate the challenges of the modern world. It is essential to expand awareness of various social challenges and social entrepreneurship can be used as a powerful tool for addressing these issues to a broader audience. Game based learning offers a fresh and interactive way to teach complex subjects, to actively engage with the subject and inspire learners.

Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia together with Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) from Georgia, Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány (TIA) from Hungary, CXJV Conexão Jovem Associação (CJ) from Portugal and Izglītojošo spēļu un metožu asociācija (ISMA) from Latvia have started a cooperation to explore fresh unconventional methods and to create an engaging and intuitive learning experience that can be easily adopted and understood by diverse audiences by using gamification as a tool within the project “ImpactED: Gamified Social Entrepreneurship Educational Approach” that will last until June 2025.

The objective of the cooperation is to explore and demonstrate how gamification can be effectively employed to enhance non- formal education and the learning process, specifically in the context of social entrepreneurship field as well as to contribute to the broader discussion on innovative educational approaches that not only make learning more enjoyable, but also equip learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to address pressing societal challenges through social entrepreneurship. 

The project will implement a series of activities focused on developing innovative gamified educational materials for social entrepreneurship, including designing an interactive social entrepreneurship game, testing, creating guidelines and a video. These activities will actively engage young people to explore entrepreneurial opportunities that address societal issues and become more responsible citizens as well as social entrepreneurs to show their solutions as an example. The main result of the project will be an engaging and innovative educational game that can be used both in formal and non- formal education context, as well as youth training. 

The impact of the cooperation and project results are aimed towards providing young people with sustainable problem-solving skills, empowering young individuals to address social issues effectively in the long term. As a result they will expand their capacities, particularly in critical thinking and problem-solving. This shift from theoretical learning to practical application will enable them to adapt and respond to emerging challenges with resilience and creativity in the future. It will enhance the quality of youth education, promote social entrepreneurship, and foster civic engagement.


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