Conference to review social entrepreneurship’s five year progress

October 10, 2023

This year, the social entrepreneurship sector in Latvia officially marks its fifth anniversary. A lot has been achieved during this time – the legal framework has been established and strengthened, public awareness of the concept and importance of social entrepreneurship has been raised, public investment has contributed to the development and growth of social enterprises. Today, more than 200 enterprises with social enterprise status are active, but the actual number of social entrepreneurs is much higher.

On 12 October, the Ministry of Welfare is inviting you to participate and watch live a conference dedicated to the fifth anniversary of social entrepreneurship, “Be Proud. Evaluate. Celebrate!”

The conference is divided into two thematic parts – the first part is dedicated to the growth of the sector and the impact of social enterprises. Representatives of the Ministry of Welfare and the Development Finance Institution “Altum” will report on the achievements and investments of the five-year period. The entrepreneurs themselves – “Nature Horses”, “Centrs ZIN”, the educational institution and innovative learning method “Barboleta”, the creative bread laboratory “RaMaLa”, the support house “Brīvupes”, “Zvaigznāja komanda”, “4 vēji” and “Intelekta attīstības centrs” will talk about the contribution of social enterprises solving problems that are relevant to society. 

The second part of the event will be dedicated to the five year review of Social Entrepreneurship, discussing the aspects of the sector that need to be improved, changed or strengthened, as well as future goals, perspectives and support needs will be explored. The representatives of social entrepreneurship NGOs, experts from the Ministry of Welfare and ALTUM will share lessons learned and recommendations on these topics. Other stakeholders that cooperate and support the development of the field such as Jelgava City Municipality and Rimi Latvia will share their views on the collaboration with social enterprises.  

Everyone is invited to watch the conference live from 10 am to 3 pm on the news portal or on the Facebook account of the Ministry of Welfare, where in the comments section you will be able to ask questions and express your opinion. 

The conference will be held in Latvian is one of the Social Entrepreneurship Week events taking place from 9 to 13 October. During the week, everyone is invited to participate in the open days at social enterprises, but on 11 October, an online quiz for young people “Decode the social entrepreneur!” will be launched. 

More information on all Social Entrepreneurship Week events, links to registration forms and the conference programme is available at